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Large-scale hospital in the metropolitan area with over 800 sickbeds.
Adopted Full-EMR system with no paper charts at all in May 2003, for the first time in Korea.
Asia’s only hospital adopting 100% chartless EMR.
In Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, which adopted the electronic medical record (EMR) system, number of double drug prescription cases was only 13 (0.38%) of 3,399 patients (11.8% of total patients) visiting two or more hospitals or medical departments. It is a proportion much smaller than the average of Korea (6.5%).
<Yonhap News, Dec. 24, 2004>
According to worksite-specific nursing time analysis, nursing time was in the intensive care unit was the most (54.7%). It means that a more careful nursing became possible as the nursing works were computerized. (Skipped)
In this situation, Seoul National University Hospital and Seoul National University Bundang Hospital are leading the “digitization of hospital” by adopting the electronic medical record (EMR) system of ezCaretech Co., Ltd., a medical IT venture enterprise.
<Daily Bosa, Mar. 4, 2005>