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Since medical IT system is directly related to human lives, it requires much more reliability and responsibility than any other technology. Awarded KT (Excellent Korean Technology) Mark certification and Jang Young Shil Award and holding more than 20 intellectual property rights, ezCaretech has stronger driving force for growth than any other medical IT companies. In order to abide by the principle of “realization of safe medical services,” we offer non-stop systems operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To offer better medical environments, ezCaretech is making continuous efforts.
Our products encompass all requirements of medical organizations, including diagnosis, nursing, administration and hospital management. We offer customized solutions for improved work efficiency and advanced medical environment.
Having successfully completed medical information projects in several medium-to-large sized hospitals in Korea, we exactly understand what you want and what is necessary for you. Especially, setting up Full-EZR systems in large hospitals, for the first time in Korea, we are exploring a new medical IT business area.
ezCaretech’s technical power comes from a lot of our experts. The specialized consultant group consisting of medical IT experts, experienced in the field over 10 years, satisfy your various needs and offer the best work processes.
ezCaretech’s customer-oriented solutions and specialized services satisfy a lot of our customers. It is because we understand all your needs and offer services necessary for you.
According to recent research papers, misuse of drugs has been significantly prevented and hospital operation has improved a lot in large sized hospitals which introduced ezCare-EMR. This proves the actual effect of our solutions and services.