Comprehensive EHR for general Hospital

ezCaretech provides a comprehensive, fully integrated, and innovative EMR/EHR solution that is extremely flexible and configurable. By adopting SOA-based modeling to support the most complex healthcare processes and remain highly efficient by reusing information and functionalities across the entire fully integrated application, BESTCare optimises workflows, increases patient safety and empowerment, minimizes workload for healthcare professionals, and ensures data sharing in the most technically advanced and safe environment.

02.Features& Benefits
Stage Capabilities Solution
Stage7 Complete EMR
CCD transactions to share data
Data warehousing
Data continuity with ED, ambulatory, OP
BESTCare 2.0
Stage6 Physician documentation (structured templates)
Full CDSS (variance & compliance)
Stage5 Closed loop medication administrationS
Stage4 CPOE, CDSS (clinical protocols)
Stage3 Clinical documentation (flow sheets)
CDSS (error checking)
PACS available outside Radiology
Stage2 All three of the major ancillary clinical systems
(i.e. laboratory, pharmacy and radiology) are installed
Stage1 All three of the major ancillary department systems
(i.e. lab, pharmacy and radiology) are not implemented
Stage0 All three ancillaries Not Implemented

1. Service Oriented Architecture
2. Clinical Indicators
3. Active Clinical Decision Support System
4. Closed Loop Medication Administration
5. Continuum of Care (N-device, Mobility)
6. Cost-effective access to data at the point of care
7. Clinical Pathway
8. Interoperability and messaging standards

Behavioral specialized EHR


The scarcity of robust documentation suites designed for behavioral health has allowed ezCaretech to get a jump start on many of its rivals. BESTCare has become one of the pioneering EMR systems in the US Psychiatric market, thanks to the input given by American behavioral health professionals.
We’ve taken the best features of BESTCare’s award winning interface and systems to enhance the workflow of the Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital and Hospital Based Outpatient Programs treating the full range behavioral health issues.
The industry is on track to benefit from recent legislation that will soon require behavioral health specialists to document with an Electronic Medical Record and BESTCare’s ONC Certification helps to ensure that our solution will be ready to fill your current and future needs.

02.Features& Benefits

1. Modern Design and User Interface
2. Shorter learning time
3. User specific customizations
4. Psychiatry specific workflows
5. Customizable Forms
6. External system Compatibility via HL7

Cloud EHR


BESTCare cloud EHR don’t require complex installation processes where technicians come to your practice and set up intense infrastructure to host your data. It can all be done via the internet, with no need for a large IT presence to support you. Service will be provided by a professional SaaS provider that saves time and cost, and SaaS providers provide professional services in most configurations, including standardized system, security, and software maintenance.

02.Features& Benefits

1. Centralized single source
2. Cost effective
3. On-demand system by selecting required functions
4. SOA / MSA web architecture
5. Compliance with global standards